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Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
There are no active bookings.

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
SIM009 KLAS CYVR   SIM009 FenixA320_S2HSH003 -439fpm
SH5427 KCLE KJFK   SIM004 FenixA320_S2HSH003 -459fpm
EVTSIX02 EGPH LFPG   SIM012 PMDG 737-800 Ryanair (SP-... -19fpm
SIM009 RCTP VMMC   SIM009 PMDG 737-700 SIM2HEAVEN S... -181fpm
SH5481 LROP EDLW   SIM004 PMDG 737-800 Cronus Airli... -363fpm
SIM004 LFRS LEMD   SIM004 FenixA320_S2HSH003 -183fpm
SH002 RCTP VMMC   SIM002 FenixA320_S2HSH003 -452fpm
SIM004 RCTP VMMC   SIM004 FenixA320_S2HSH003 -231fpm
SIM012 RCTP VMMC   SIM012 PMDG 737-800 Ryanair (SP-... -406fpm
SIM012 LFPG EGPH   SIM012 PMDG 737-800 Ryanair (SP-... -489fpm

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Yannick SIM004 LSZC 2023-02-04 -3fpm 100%
  Christophe EVTSIX02 LFPG 2023-02-05 -19fpm 100%
  Christophe TVF7026 LFTH 2023-02-03 -83fpm 100%
  Yannick BAW50 EGPE 2023-02-03 -164fpm 93%
  Jean-claude SIM009 VMMC 2023-02-05 -181fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Tafsulou France France Lyon Saint Exupéry 2023-02-05
  jerome France France Lyon Saint Exupéry 2023-02-05
  anthony France France Lyon Saint Exupéry 2023-02-04
  Pascal France France Lyon Saint Exupéry 2023-02-02
  Christophe France France Lyon Saint Exupéry 2023-02-02
  Jean-claude France France Lyon Saint Exupéry 2023-02-02
  JEAN-PAUL France France Lyon (LFLL) 2022-07-04

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